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Welcome to Scents MelT!
Hi!  My name is Mel Tebbit and I am sooo glad you stopped by to view my website! 
I am an Independent Scentsy Consultant who sells the Australian range of Scentsy products.
Scentsy specialises in a range of beautiful wax warmers, over 40 styles to suit every décor & area in your life.  From Media rooms to Kitchens, Living areas to Workshops, Scentsy has a warmer to suit.  And with over 60 gorgeous fragrances to choose from the hardest part will be choosing your favourite!
Scentsy also offers a bath, body and laundry care range, called Layers.  Layers incorporates 13 of the most popular fragrances to bring you a beautiful scented range of products.
And for the smallest members of your family, Scentsy has a Children's range called Buddies, beautiful plush toys that can take a Scent Pak to help settle and reassure the precious little ones in your life! Scent Paks can also be used in wardrobes, small rooms, vehicles... the list is endless!
Lastly, Scentsy also offers the On The Go range which includes Room Sprays and Scent Circles, both coming in the entire fragrant range!

Combine & Save!

A great way to save when purchasing your Scentsy Products!

Combinations of warmers and wax bars include a variety of  multi-packs to choose from.  Once you have chosen one, select your Premium or Deluxe warmer(s) and your 6 wax bars.  The hardest part will be choosing!!

There are also Combine & Save multi-packs available in the Layers body care and laundry range, and the On The Go range, so you can stock up & save!

All Combination multi-packs are fantastic for inexpensive gifts.  Why not buy a two pack warmer set and give one as a birthday gift and keep one for yourself?  Or grab a multi-pack of Shower Gel as stocking stuffers this Holiday season!  Whatever the occasion you are sure to find a gift to suit!
Home Party, Open House, Basket Party, Packet Party, Online Party ~
Hosting has never been easier!

The beauty about hosting a Scents MelT Scentsy Party is you can do it as formally or informally as you choose!

You can choose between:

There's a party to suit everyone at Scents MelT!
Join My Team!

Joining Scentsy will be one of the best decisions you will ever make!

Here's a quick five reasons why...
  1. Scentsy is flexible ~ you can work it around children & family, hobbies & interests, sport, & even work. 
  2. Generous compensation plan ~ with a minimum of 25% commission once a Certified Consultant and potential to earn much more, you can create the lifestyle you dreamed of!
  3. It's easy to sell! ~ Who doesn't love scented candles or a beautifully fragrant home?!  There's no cooking, no applying make-up, just let your host & guests let their senses do the work!
  4. Lots of support ~ with my team backing you, you will have support 24/7, plus the backing of a 'family' orientated business. I will answer your every question, and endeavour to help you make your venture the most successful it can be!
  5. Ground Floor Opportunity ~ With Scentsy just launching in Australia in Sept 2013, there could be no better time to join!  Scentsy is about to explode with popularity here, so jump on board now!!
The Scentsy System ~ No flames, no smoke, no soot, no danger!

Scentsy warmers have been specially developed to ensure the safety of your family and your home.

Each Scentsy wamer has a heating element and all ranges except the Element range comes with internal LED lighting to give the appearance of a candle glow. 

The heating element in each warmer slowly warms the wax to just above body temperature.   The wax will not burn anyone should little fingers find there way to it!  Plus, the low warming temperature has even more benefits! 

Although soy and other vegetable based waxes are fantastic for burning, they are not the best to use when simply warming the wax.  Scentsy waxes are made from a food-grade paraffin wax which is completely non-toxic.

The Fragrant oils are made up of both natural essential oils and synthetic fragrant oils.  This is due to some essential oils being highly toxic, in which case Scentsy will not use them.  All of the fragrances are manufactured to the highest standards and are made from the highest quality ingredients available to provide the safest and most “natural” fragrance experience possible.  Due to the type of wax being used, it also allows Scentsy Bars to hold more fragrance oils, resulting in a better fragrance "throw".  The amount of fragrance load for Scentsy wax is about 15% oil compared with 5% for regular wicked candles, making them far superior to the regular fragrant candles. 

All Scentsy products come with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty for manufacturer's defects as well as a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.
Children love the smelling the Scentsy fragrances.  They will be your biggest Scentsy fan when the latest fragrance is delivered to your door!

Now you can watch their eyes light up when they are gifted a Scentsy Buddy!  Not only are they cute and oh-so-cuddly, but coupled with the child's favourite Scent Pak, the Scentsy Buddy will become your child's best buddy!  Scent Paks are available in 28 different fragrances so you can swap the fragrance over to suit at any time!

Currently available in the Safari range, order your favourite children their own Buddy today!

To place an order you can contact me direct:
Mobile:        0422 201 144
Email:          scentsmelt@gmail.com
Facebook:    www.facebook.com/scentsmelt
You can order direct online.  Simply click Buy and you will be taken to my online ordering website. 
When checking out, please select "Everyday Orders".
Many thanks, & I know you will enjoy your Scentsy as much as I do!!
Mel x
The Scentsy Man!!

The Scentsy product range doesn't just cater for the Ladies!  In fact, not only can men enjoy everything Scentsy have to offer, they also produce an exclusive range just for men too!

Rugged and clad in flannel.  Tall and decked in a sharp suit.  Easygoing in jeans and a T-shirt.  Whoever your prefect guy is - or whoever you want him to be - you'll find the fragrance that captures him in Scentsy Man!!

There are five great fragrances in the Scentsy Man range that are available in Wax Bars, Room Sprays and Scent Circles.  The scents are: Ace, Business Casual, My Dear Watson, Route 66 & Vanilla Suede!  In the Layers Bath & Body range, My Dear Watson & Route 66 are available.  While Vanilla Suede is also available in a Scent Pak!
Make your man a Scentsy Man today!

Mel Tebbit
SuperStar Consultant
Contact Me Today!!
Contact Me Today!!
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